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Hunters Point is a waterfront community, part of San Francisco’s southeast sector. Once a lushly forested area in the peninsula, Hunters Point grew to become an industrial center home to a diverse community. Today, it’s recognized as a fast-growing neighborhood, with numerous developments underway. Local businesses and shops line its often sunny streets. In contrast to the rest of San Francisco, the city’s southeastern section enjoys warm and clear weather most of the year. Hunters Point is often grouped together with neighboring Bayview, with Portola, Silver Terrace, and Visitation Valley located nearby.

Hunters Point San Francisco real estate

Hunters Point real estate holds vast investment potential, mainly due to its waterfront location and proximity to the bay– two features that are highly coveted among home buyers and owners in San Francisco.

Real estate offerings in Hunters Point are similar to that in Bayview. Single-family homes, condos, apartments, and multi-family dwellings are plentiful in the neighborhood. Some newer residential developments have sprouted, including the Hunters Point Shipyard community, which features modern and well-appointed condos as well as a couple of neighborhoods to choose from.

Architecturally speaking, Hunters Point is a well-balanced mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. Here and there, you’ll find Victorian homes, mid-century residences, and sometimes more eclectic styles that contribute to Hunters Point real estate’s overall appeal. Due to the ongoing projects in Hunters Point, the neighborhood is rapidly transforming.

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What’s in and around Hunters Point?

Despite the gritty reputation that precedes it, Hunters Point is home to some of San Francisco’s best-kept secrets, including the following:

  • The Point – Located within the industrial setting of the former San Francisco Naval Shipyard is a thriving artist colony, which has been around since the early 1980s. One of the largest artist communities in the United States, the Hunters Point Shipyard Artists (HPSA) is home to over 250 artists and working studios. Aside from exhibits, HPSA also regularly hosts auctions.

  • Heron’s Head Park – Best known as the home of the EPA-awarded EcoCenter, Heron’s Head Park is inarguably one of the best loved parks in southeast San Francisco. Covering a total of 22 acres of land, Heron’s Head Park is a favorite among local hikers and bird-watchers. The park is also often visited by teachers and students, as Heron’s Head is used for green and sustainable education.

  • Flora Grubb Gardens – An ordinary garden store, Flora Grubb Gardens has turned out to be an enduring attraction, with the rising popularity of urban gardening in Bayview and Hunters Point. The shop carries a wide assortment of gardening tools and equipment, plants, and is also home to an espresso bar.

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